You can easily take a freelance job at Chabber, even though you have no relevant experience yet. However, there are a number of tips, which are good to follow👇🏼

  1. See our online courses
    In our online courses, you can practise on the basic skills that you should master as a chabber.
  2. Begin with applying for the jobs with a low hourly wage (DKK 120-125 an hour)
    Don't be picky, when looking for your first job as a Chabber. Therefore, be prepared to take low wages shifts. Consider it as a normal job search. The more experience you get, the more attractive you become for the companies, and the higher the requirements you can ask the jobs you are looking for.
  3. Apply for many shifts at once
    You can apply for many shifts at the same time, even if they are in the same time period. If you are accepted for a job, all your applications for the same period will automatically be withdrawn. Therefore, it is a good idea to apply for a lot of jobs at one time as it increases the chances of getting your first shift.
  4. Be patient.
    It may take some time before you'll get your first shift. It isn't unusual to apply for 10-20 jobs before getting your first. Don't lose courage. You will get your first shift.
    If you follow the advice listed above, you will for sure get started on Chabber and obtain many jobs (and money💸) in the near future.

Good luck💪🏼

Best regards,
Team Chabber

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