If you don't show up to a given shift ("no show"), you will be permanently excluded from chabber.com. This means that you will never be able to find a job through the platform again. In addition, you may be fined. Therefore for everything in the world, one should avoid no shows 🚫

So if you're in a situation where you won't be able to show up, then cancel the shift instead as soon as possible. And remember, if you find a replacement for the shift who has the same qualifications as you, your cancellation will be deleted so it won't harm your profile in the future.

Why do Chabber have so tough rules regarding cancellations and no shows?
When companies hire you, it is because they need you. Therefore, if you cancel or don't show up to a given shift, you show up in a very bad light. In general, it is also extremely difficult for companies when they receive a cancellation and thus have to worry about finding a replacement.
The companies use Chabber to avoid this stress.

So if you just avoid no shows and cancellations, you will have a party at Chabber🎉 (and potentially earn a lot of money💸)

Have fun 🏆

Best regards,
Team Chabber

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