If a Chabber cancels their freelance shift, several things will happen.

  • We reopen the job post automatically, so Chabbers can apply. 

  • We will send an SMS/push message to the network of Chabbers to find a replacement. 

  • If the cancellation happens + 24 hours before the beginning of the shift, the job will apply on our daily job update to the Chabbers. 

  • When the cancellation happens within 24 hours, we will send an acute mail to every Chabber in order to find a replacement.

  • Our operations manager will also be on top of your shifts and help you out.

If a cancellation happens, our system will automatically reopen the job posting and in most cases, we will find you a replacement.

Fear not - we usually find a
solution! 🙂

Best regards,
Team Chabber

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