How does the feedback / rating system work?

This article describes how Chabber's feedback system works and why it is important for business and private individuals to provide feedback.

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The importance of feedback
Businesses and privates can provide feedback in the form of stars to the chabbers who have worked with them. It increases the transparency of the chabbers' competencies and the chances of choosing chabbers who live up to one's requirements. So help yourself and help others by providing feedback to all the chabbers you've worked with🤩

When and how to provide feedback
You have 3 days after the end of a shift to provide feedback on your profile at "My shifts". You can specify feedback using stars and furthermore, leave a comment. Feedback will be visualized to the counterparty right after its given. You can edit feedback for up to 24 hours after it has been delivered⏱

You can also add a Chabber to your ''favorite list'' by giving the Chabber a heart (right next to the stars). The favorite list is an opportunity for you to gather your the Chabbers that you would like to hire again. Favorite Chabbers will automatically get hired for a job when they apply next time 🏆

What do I do if a chabber delivers a bad effort?
Should it happen that a chabber delivers a bad performance, make sure to express it through feedback. When you rate a chabber with one star, they will not be able to apply for your jobs in the future. Thereby, you will help yourself and other companies in the future by choosing the right chabber through increased transparency.

Is the ratings/feedback reliable
You can count 100% on a chabbers feedback. Any feedback is given by companies and individuals who have previously worked with the chabber. So, in fact, it's the most transparent and true parameter, one can judge a chabber on 💯

So the message of this article is: Remember to give chabbers feedback and remember to look at their feedback when choosing them for a freelance shift ⭐

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