The price for booking a chabber for a freelance shift consists of four elements:

  • Salary to the chabber: Minimum 120 DKK / hour πŸ’΅

  • Holiday pay: + 12.5% of the salary πŸ–

  • Hourly fee: 37 DKK / hour ⏱

  • One-time fee: 49 DKK πŸ‘†πŸΌ

Price example of an 8-hour shift at a salary of 130 DKK / hour:

  1. Salary: DKK 130

  2. Holiday pay: DKK 16.25

  3. Hourly fee: DKK 37

  4. One-time fee (DKK 49 / 8 hours): DKK 6.13

  5. Total hourly rate excl. VAT: DKK 189.38

  6. Total hourly rate incl. VAT: DKK 236.72

You choose the level of salary:
Companies or private persons can offer the salary they want. If you are a company, you must remember to offer the same wage terms as a permanent employee in a similar position as a minimum.
The salary minimum possible on Chabber is 120 DKK / hour. The average wage is 165 DKK / hour. In general, wages are based on supply/demand principles; The higher salary you pay, the more qualified candidates you will attract. In addition, if the job is urgent or perhaps located far from a big city, it may make sense to choose a higher level of salary as well.Β 

A one-time fee is higher for urgent shifts:
Note that if you post an urgent freelance job within four days from the beginning of the shift, the one-time fee will increase DKK 50 per day getting closer. If the job is posted:

4 days before: DKK 99
3 days before: DKK 149
2 days before: DKK 199
1 day before: DKK 249

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