This industry is a people-industry, which means illnesses, accidents and other types of cancellation may occur. Our system takes that into account.

When renting waiters, bartenders, etc. our system tells you if we think you should book additional chabbers. The system also tells you how many you should hire extra.

The recommendation is made based on your own data from Chabber 💾

Consider it an extra service to ensure that you do not end up in a situation with fewer chabbers than desired. Therefore, we allow you to cancel the extra hired chabber(s) up to 2 hours before the beginning of the shift.

It may sound hard to cancel a chabber 2 hours before the shift, but keep in mind that our overbooking system often makes sure that you land on the exact number of chabbers desired. However, the times you end up in a situation where you have to cancel one, keep in mind that we would not have introduced the initiative if people's "show-up-rate" was better.

The companies and privates who make use of overbooking system have never been more satisfied than they are now. So, do the same as them 👌🏼

Good day 😀

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Team Chabber

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