There are several things to consider when choosing the pay for a freelance job:

  • Vikarlovgivningen👨🏼⚖️ If you are a company, we recommend that you set a salary that matches the salary of one of your employees in a similar position.

  • The acuteness of the job ⏱ If the job has been posted urgently, we recommend higher wages as it increases the chance of finding a chabber on short notice.

  • Season 🏖🎄If you are affected by seasonal changes, other companies are too. Therefore, set a competitive salary.

  • Locating📍If your company is located outside of the city, it may be advantageous to set a higher salary as it gives chabbers an incentive to travel longer.

  • Competency level 👩🏼‍🍳  If you are looking for waiters with years of experience, it would be an advantage to set a higher salary, than for a shift where you need an 18-year-old student for a wardrobe job.

Generally speaking, "high" wages in our terminology are considered to be +140 kr. / hour.

Above mentioned bullets should be considered as advice, and not "laws of nature". You can easily find people with lower wages, even if you are subject to one of the above-mentioned points. But everything is supply and demand, so by following the advice, it will undoubtedly be easier to attract more competent chabbers.

Good luck 😃

Best regards,
Team Chabber

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